Tune-in to AI that’s taking over call-centers


AI voice agents that sound & feel human. Close more deals, respond to support requests faster, and save money.

Select from our library of AI voice personas

Each persona has unique base skills and strengths which are trained for your exact use case.


Outbound SDR and Lead Qualification Savant

Nadia and agents like her work tirelessly on your behalf to reach out to potential clients and instantly qualify inbound ones.

Follows a script

Handles objections

Encourages the prospect to stay on the phone

Notes key details


Scheduling guru

Michael is a pro at turning inbound calls into booked appointments. He knows exactly what the key points of your product are and is ready to get prospects one step closer to buying.

Share key product features

Schedule calls & demos

Send call notes to sales team


Call center specialist

Armed with the full knowledge of your company’s documentation, Tim can handle any question a customer might have.

Quickly respond to customers

Direct customers to docs

Escalate conversations to humans when required


Collections expert

Jerome’s speciality is diffusing tense conversations while getting the job done.

Manage recipient objections

Accept methods of payment

Negotiate acceptable alternative payment plans

The Eigen Advantage

Enterprise-ready personas, built and integrated specifically for you.

Complete Customization to Your Use Case

Eigen customizes each persona for your specific use case, products, and knowledge-bases and integrates them cleanly into your existing tools & processes.

Trained on Your Top Performers

Trained on your unique data set to imitate and exceed top workers' performance.

Enterprise Ready

Agents ready to scale to 100,000s of calls, are trained to transfer calls to humans when they don’t know something, and include content filters for appropriate speech at all times.

Always Improving

Implementations are set up to continually improve after each conversation to maximize conversions, recovery, or whatever business metric you care about.

Request a discovery consultation.

Our team of partners & AI agents analyzes your business, matching your use cases to current AI capabilities.

We’ll invite you to a discovery consultation, dig into specific opportunities and chart a course forward together.

A dedicated account manager will scope your unique needs and manage your entire implementation.

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