ROI driven by AI.

Eigen is an AI consultancy & engineering company that builds products with AI at their core.

How Eigen drives ROI for you

Our 3-step process to deliver real ROI

AI Opportunity Analysis

Eigen's technical AI experts analyze your business to identify concrete AI use cases that drive increased growth & profitability.

Led by our team of engineers.
Accelerated by AI.

Development & Implementation

Eigen helps integrate best-in-class vendors or builds and implements a custom solution for each use case identified.

Continuous Improvement

Eigen partners with you for the long-haul, continuously optimizing the performance of your implementation for continued success.

100+ vendors evaluated

AI engineers + full stack developers

Gainshare model pricing

We believe in AI.

Whether through systems integration work or custom solutions, Eigen's incentives are aligned with yours.

Trusted by some of the world's most important enterprises

They are my go-to people for anything AI.

Kevin Hartz

Co-founder, Eventbrite

Their expertise is unlike anyone I've worked with.

Andy Montgomery

COO, Trilogy

Request a discovery consultation.

Our team of partners & AI agents analyzes your business, matching your use cases to current AI capabilities.

We’ll invite you to a discovery consultation, dig into specific opportunities and chart a course forward together.

A dedicated account manager will scope your unique needs and manage your entire implementation.

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